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valerie clark, queen of naughty and nice, pens tormented without a trace
erotic thriller is a hit with men and women

atlanta, ga/february 21, 2003—what happens when basic instinct meets fatal attraction? it becomes a novel, penned by the queen of naughty and nice, valerie clark.

inspired by the twisted story lines of the greek tragedies, clark explores the dark side of love that can ignite both passion and anger in her new erotic thriller, tormented without a trace.

"in today's society, sex and money equal power," says author valerie clark, "it is a complex formula that fuels individual's behavior, which may be destructive, or may, as a result, be positively empowering."

the novel follows natalie baylor, a successful and powerful wall street professional who seems to have it all - power, charm, beauty, education - and is engaged to one of new york city's most powerful attorneys. natalie is haunted by the memory of a brutal rape that has sheared her life of the love and relationships that she needs and craves.

on a business trip to france, natalie meets and falls in love with jeremy, an entrepreneur. suddenly, he vanishes-without a trace. returning to new york, alone, natalie is reluctant to resume her old life. she is plunged into a nightmare realm where reality and fantasy become intertwined, and her love for jeremy fuels the fine line between passion and anger. the darker side of love emerges between them, but neither of them can stand to be apart.

"i wanted to give readers the opportunity to explore facets of love that are seldom discussed," explains clark. "the same driving force of passionate love also drives anger and hatred. but love blurs the lines that are inevitably crossed."

"there are many complexities involved in the emotions of a passionate relationship," continues clark, "and distinguishing between the emotions can be difficult. this is explored within the eroticism in my novel."

author valerie clark has been described as the queen of naughty and nice. she is a former marketing executive from wall street who gave up her career to pursue her passion for writing. she is a consultant with various non-profit organizations in atlanta and new york. no subject is taboo to this attractive 38-year old queen of erotica.

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