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first-time author finds success
by jim stevens
dunwoody crier (dunwoody, ga)

each year, thousands of aspiring authors struggle to become published. valerie clark, former dunwoody resident, not only accomplished that initial goal of her first novel, "tormented without a trace," she has also been nominated for georgia author of the year for her work. the winning author will be announced in june 2003.

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"tormented without a trace" is a suspenseful look at the interwining of love and abuse set among the powerful players of wall street. natalie baylor is on the fast track to sucess as an investment banker and about to marry one of new york's most prominent attorneys. then, on a business trip to paris, she meets jeremy, a wealthy entrepreneur, and thinks she has found the perfect partner. they spend a week together in romantic southern france, but he disappears without a trace.

upon her return to new york, the dark mysteries of her past are revealed as a game of stalking becomes deadly seriuos. "tormented without a trace" explores the bond between love and abuse, fantasy and denial that are common to modern life and relationships. clark based her novel on her observations during a 15-year career as a marketing executive at the new york stock exchange, prior to her moving to dunwoody four years ago.

"i worte my novel because i wanted to address the issues of sexual harassment and abuse that i saw women enduring during my tenure on wall street," clark said. "i wanted to produce a self-help book for those abused women in the form of an entertaining nnovel. i think i've done that."

"i'm thrilled to be nominated for this award," she continued. "like most authors, i wondered how my writing would be judged. to be nominated for georgia author of the year is a high honor."

the award is based on original writing style, character development, and dialogue. clark has also been nominated for the pen/faulkner award, the before columbus foundation book award, the independent book award, and the 2002 writers digest award.

the book is available online through, and at barnes and noble retail stores. clark can be reached at her company website,

tigress entertainment, based in alpharetta, where clark now resides, is a full-service entertainment company dedicated to providing authors, musical artists and other professionals with promotional and marketing support and career management.

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