tormented without a trace

in tormented without a trace, valerie clark explores the volatile moments of painful discovery, shame, and self-honesty where a woman confronts the past that torments her, revealing her confusion between love and abuse.

natalie is on the fast track to success as an investment banker on wall street and about to marry one of new york's most prominent attorneys. yet as she remains haunted by the memory of a brutal rape more than a decade before that shears her life of the love and passion she desperately craves. then as natalie sets out on a business trip, she meets jeremy, a wealthy entrepreneur, on a flight to paris. they spend a week together in the south of france as she falls deeply in love with him. but he suddenly disappears without explanation - without a trace.

these events peel back the curtain masking natalie's secret desires and inner conflicts as she returns to new york, alone, reluctant to resume her life. natalie plunges into a nightmare realm where love and abuse are intertwined and the dark mysteries of her past are revealed as a game of stalking becomes deadly serious.

tormented without a trace is slated to be made into a movie.

with story-telling power of the first order, tormented without a trace explores the bond between love and abuse, fantasy and denial that are more common to modern life and relationships than we dare admit. it is a novel in which a woman tests her deepest values to face her past and rediscover her soul.

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