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valerie clark speaking on her book

valerie clark is described as the 'queen of naughty and nice'. this attractive author writes about subjects that are oftentimes swept under the table by conventional america. in her writing, valerie seeks to address issues that people face in their daily life dealing with subjects that are considered taboo in today's society. this erotic thriller has been described as a cross between basic instinct and fatal attraction but with a twist thrown in.

recently, valerie was on the cbs morning show in new york. to see the live interview, click here.

valerie believes in writing about real life not a stereotypical existence. inspired by the greek tragedies, clark's writing has a large following among both men and women. the result has been her highly successful first novel, tormented without a trace, which has earned her, by some, the name of 'queen of erotica'. this author has received numerous literary nominations including the maggie award, georgia author of the year, foreword magazine's book of the year, reader's digest and the pen/faulkner awards.

before initiating her passionate writing career, clark was a highly successful marketing executive on wall street. but a yearning to pursue her lifelong dream of penning novels became reality after a car accident when she decided to leave wall street and live her dream.

clark is an instructor at georgia state university and a graduate of fordham university. she has already finished writing the eagerly anticipated screenplay for tormented without a trace, and plans a release for a sequel to the book. 'the queen of naughty and nice' pledges to continue writing about issues that are often suppressed in our 'politically correct' society.

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